Borin’? No more.
  1. Go on a walk
  2. Go to the zoo
  3. Camp in the backyard
  4. Try a new recipe
  5. Visit the library
  6. Organize bedroom
  7. Clean your room or your house
  8. Write letters
  9. Learn to make paper airplanes
  10. Bike ride.
  11. Make DIY stuffs
  12. Learn how to use a compass
  13. Go to a concert
  14. Plant a tree
  15. Go swimming
  16. Sing something
  17. Drive with no instructions and see where you end up.
  18. Bake a pie
  19. Make a card for the bus driver
  20. Donate money for the shelter
  21. Watch Youtube videos
  22. Have a bake/garage sale
  23. Babysit
  24. Make homemade candles
  25. Go to shopping
  26. Have breakfast for dinner
  27. Make a bird feeder
  28. Have a picnic
  29. Go to the mall and watch people
  30. Start a blog
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awkward in person, funny and social on the internet

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